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We are very pleased to announce the winner of the Second Marza Story Circus Competition.

From over 300 entries we selected “Bite Me” by Karim Iskander Flint. The prize is an Option Fee of 1 million Japanese Yen.

This year, more than the first year even, it was very hard to chose a winning story as we had submissions from many professional and published authors.

“Bite Me” by Karim Iskander Flint

<Winner’s Brief Bio>

Karim Iskander Flint is a 25 year old screenwriter, producer and filmmaker currently based in the United Kingdom.

<Winner’s Statement>

As any writer will tell you sending your work out into world can be a truly harrowing experience. So winning the Marza Story Circus has proven to be a huge validation of all the time and effort that I've spent honing my screenwriting skills. Knowing that I was up against such stiff competition makes me incredibly grateful for this chance to potentially see my ideas brought to life, the greatest prize you can ask for in this business. That and the fame, glory and riches one can only hope will follow.

Bite Me - - - Karim Iskander Flint
The Great Bun - - - Simon Littlefield
The Sled Cats of the Yukon - - - Katrina Nicholson
Ms. Christmas - - - Si G.Stratton
Snottleflobber Memory Jam - - - Tracy Ann Baines
Monster Truck - - - Alan Gilbey
Bella - - - Bill Adams
The Good Goblin - - - Andrew Fawn
The Fourteenth Duke of Plimsoll - - - Steve Connolly
The Horrid Tale of Franken Santa - - - Kevin Hill


MARZA™ (CEO: Koichi Fukazawa), the new film production arm of Sega Sammy group, and 100 Meter Films (CEO: John Williams) are pleased to announce the 2nd MARZA “Story Circus” competition.

The Marza Story Circus Competition is a global search for original high-concept stories, to be developed into animated feature films for family audiences.

The stories must have fascinating characters, strong emotional resonance, universal themes and be conceptually surprising.

The second Marza Story Circus competition is now open for entries. The deadline is November 15th 2011.

Writers should submit or complete the following:

  1. A synopsis of a complete story for a Marza animated feature film. The synopsis should be no more than 1,000 Words. Incomplete stories will not be considered.
  2.  A cover page with the following:
    1. A LOGLINE of the film in less than 100 words.
    2. A writer's statement about the HOOK and the UNIVERSAL THEME of the film (less than 200 words each.)
    3. Writers must agree to the terms on the release form on the website.


All the entries will be judged anonymously at the first stage, by a team consisting of Marza Producers, Directors and Story Analysts.

Short-listed writers will be asked to write a longer treatment of their story, of no more than 2,000 words.

Marza is offering a single cash prize of 1,000,000 Yen in the form of an Option on the story.


MARZA’s company vision is to produce: “Delightful stories for children all over the world!”
MARZA aims to produce feature-length CGI animated films, based on original stories, for global distribution. We are looking for original and entertaining stories for children and families with contemporary themes and positive messages, set in any culture or period.


Download Application Form
Synopsis Format:
 Microsoft Word format
 A4 sized paper (Maximum 1,000 words)
 Size 12 font

How to Apply

All submissions should be sent by e-mail to the following address.storycircus@100meterfilms.com Please write; "Story Circus Submission "in the subject line.
Notes:Please read the terms of agreement carefully before submitting your work.

 Submissions must be written. No illustrations or character designs will be accepted.
 Submissions must be in either English or Japanese.
 Please retain a copy of your file as it will not be returned to you.
 Please do not bring your application directly to the office.
 All submissions must be made by e-mail.

Submission Period

September 15th to November 15th 2011 (Materials must arrive by November 15th)
Announcement of the Results of the first round: End of November 2011
Writers whose stories are selected in the first round will be notified by e-mail
Selected stories will be developed for adaptation into films. (This does not however guarantee that the film will be made.)




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