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Kihachiro Kawamoto Short Films

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“Kawamoto has been quietly and persistently making puppet animations for over half a century now…. as an independent director and producer he has amassed a body of short films that demonstrates a keen artistic vision.” DEAN BOWMAN, MIDNIGHTEYE.COM

100 Meter Films handles World Sales for the following short films by Kihachiro Kawamoto:

‘Breaking of Branches is Forbidden' (1968)
‘Anthropo-Cynical Farce' (1970)
‘The Demon' (1970)
‘The Trip" (1970)
‘The Poet's Life' (1974)
‘Dojoji Temple' (1976)
‘House of Flame' (1979)
‘Briar-Rose or The Sleeping Beauty' (1990)

All titles are available with English subtitles.

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