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For more information about the projects below, or our slate more generally, please contact Shohei Shiozaki, Business Manager.

SADO Tempest

Genre: SF
Writer: John Williams
Director: John Williams
Status: 3rd Draft, Casting
Language: Japanese

A rebel rock singer struggles to escape from a barren island ruled by a sadistic Queen. Through the mysterious power of song he solves the riddle of his own identity, liberates the island, and brings life and hope back into the world.

Goldfish Go Home!

Genre: Fantasy Comedy
Writer: Shohei Shiozaki  
Director: Shohei Shiozaki
Language: Japanese & Portuguese
Status: (2011 Summer Shoot)

Ricardo, a young Brazilian immigrant boy finds a magical Spirit Goldfish in an ancient burial mound. Everyone from the Mayor to the Yakuza wants to get their hands on the fish, but Ricardo saves the fish from their greedy clutches and in the process uncovers a conspiracy to destroy a cultural treasure, unmasks corrupt politicians and saves the whole town.



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