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John Williams


CEO, Writer, Director, Producer

John Williams was born in St. Albans, England but his parents are Welsh and he spent most of his childhood in Wales.

John began making films at the age of 14 on a second-hand 16mm Bolex camera, which he bought after seeing Werner Herzog's ‘Aguirre, Wrath of God' (1972). Another film which made a powerful impression on him at the time was Kurosawa's ‘Dersu Uzala' (1975), which was his first contact with Japanese cinema.

John studied French and German Literature at Trinity College, Cambridge and then worked as a French teacher in a comprehensive school in North London for two years. After moving to Nagoya in 1988, John travelled extensively in Asia. He produced, wrote and directed eight short films and a documentary about human rights abuses in Sri Lanka before releasing his debut Japanese language feature, ‘Firefly Dreams' (2001). He was nominated for Best New Director by the Directors Guild of Japan for this film, which also won numerous international film awards.

Since then he has completed a second feature, ‘Starfish Hotel' (2006), co-produced a documentary with Holland, written a third feature, and developed a slate of feature films for international co-production.

    John Williams

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